• I love her clothing! Gold & Citrus was at Wonderland Friday night to admire the new artwork and drink margaritas. There is some really cool stuff in there!
    <3 Jenny

    • We love what they’ve got going on at Wonderland – great store – and saw some really nice Gold & Citrus pieces the last time I was there….

  • I am dying to know what you thought of W&F as an event.  I stopped by early ( maybe too early) in the evening but was a little dismayed by what I saw.

    • I got there around 7:45. There were some sound issues and it seemed somewhat disorganized. We tend not to blog about the negatives, since the whole point of this site is to support the local fashion community, so I won’t dwell : ) But I did run into a bunch of local fashion folks and had a solid time chatting with people – I especially enjoyed seeing Lorian Lindsay and Alyssa Nicole’s work…

  • Love the videos of Lorain Lindsay and Alyssa Nicole, Great job on sussing out the highlights of the evening 🙂