May 30, 2015

Daisy’s Vintage Sunglasses Collection Launches



It may not feel like there are many reasons these days to break out the sunglasses, what with all the dreariness the city’s been experiencing lately. But don’t think we didn’t notice the sun peeking out today for a few good hours this afternoon. We’d like to think it was an occurrence in honor of the new sunglasses collection from local label Daisy’s Vintage.

Debuting today at Collective boutique (local headquarters for Taxi CDC) on Valencia, the collection includes plastic and metal vintage frames for both women and men (guys’ styles will be dubbed Eddy’s, to make the boys feel more butch) from designers such as Pierre Cardin, Ray Ban, Diane Von Furstenberg, Lacoste and Christian Dior.

Daisy’s Vintage founder Nancy Sepaher hunts down the choicest frames she can find from her vintage sources and works with a local optometrist to replace and update the lenses.

“I find that vintage sunglasses were mostly made with great quality materials, and produced in USA, France, Austria or Italy. They are all authentic vintage frames from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, and then I work with my optometrist, who puts in brand new UV lens. I sometimes choose black lenses or colors such as yellow or pink to make them more funky,” Sepaher tells us.

We hear prices range from $45 to $150, and the higher end frames will be available for purchase in the Daisy’s Vintage online shop in early March. Until then, you’ll have to scoot on over to Collective (1453 Valencia St.) to peep them in person.

We’d recommend going before the rains return. Which means you should go, like, right now.

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  • snoop dogg wearing serious pimp sunglass

    People always spend that much on sunglasses probably need to re-evaluate their spending habits.