May 29, 2015

SF’s First Lady Dons Local Independent Designers



We were pleased as punch to get a sneak peek at the Bare Magazine December photo shoot with San Francisco First Lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom and even more so when we glimpsed the work of local designers featured prominently not only within the shoot, but on the magazine’s cover. That delicious poppy-hued dress Siebel’s wearing on the cover comes from the Christopher Collins spring 2010 collection.

“Our idea for this season was to put it on and walk out the door,” Collins told us when we asked him about the line during a recent phone chat.

Also featured in the shoot were pieces from Colleen Quen and footwear from Pacific Heights’ HeidiSays Shoes.

Along with a photo shoot in the Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square, the UC Berkeley publication dishes on Newsom’s relationship with the Gav and her everyday fashion choices.

See it for yourself when the issue drops next week.

[Photography: Erika Veliz]