May 25, 2015

Get Informed: Lululemon Trunk Show at Informed Body


If ever we were going to join a cult, we’d like it to be one that makes our butts look better, thanks. Yes, Lulus are pricey, but darn it if they aren’t the best yoga-Pilates-hiking to the top of Bernal-pants we’ve ever wiggled into. Check the latest from Lululemon Athletica out in person this week during a trunk show at Hayes Valley movement studio Informed Body, where we were lucky enough to enjoy a Pilates session recently with fabulously energetic, knowledgeable owner Jill Harris and her shockingly cute, cilantro-nibbling rabbit (he’s bigger than a large cat. Seriously). If you haven’t seen the studio’s new space, here’s a way to get a great intro to Informed Body’s offerings while clinking a glass or two and ogling fitness apparel that will make your bum say thank you.

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