May 25, 2015

Om Apparel Launches Tonight at Azalea


Head to Azalea boutique in Hayes Valley tonight for the Om Apparel Launch Party.

Looking for more fab fashion events? Do the right thing and check the SF Indie Fashion Calendar….

  • Style Wylde

    YAY! So glad to see this event getting coverage from SF bloggers! We had a chance to preview the collection yesterday,and interview company CEO Chris Smith,
    The line looks great and the  event is a great chance to shop and celebrate one of San Francisco’s TRUE indie music labels and icons of the electronica genre. Hope everyone will come out, shop and support! :)

    • sfindiefashion

      Nice! We are heading over to your blog right now to check the preview out!

  • Nicole Doherty

    I’ll be there supporting my friend Chris from OM and hopefully getting some flyers out for Beyond the Fence!  Come down August 15th to Mighty, 40+ designers for some playa-inspired fashions!

    • sfindiefashion

      We’ll definitely be featuring more about the Beyond the Fence – we’ll hit up your blog for more info….