• I’ve seen this chicks work and it is so original, I would have paid double what she charges!
    I own 2 sets of Pidd’s earrings and love them both!

  • This girls got more style than a penguin with a necktie! I just bought a necklace with a pecock feather on it and it is awesome!

  • Scott Anthony Snider

    I have seen the auction piece in person, and in all of it sparkling, shiny glory! Sharla’s metal work is very impressive. How can we find out about the website launch?

  • FashionIsForFashionPeople

    Sounds cool! Is there a link to check out more of her work? I couldn’t find a website here

  • Sabrina Strand

    I own several pieces by Sharla, and I always receive compliments on them! She never makes the same piece twice, and it’s this originality and the small, personal touches (such as the chain on my goddess necklace that is made entirely of silver hearts) that make her jewelry stand out. This girl is going places!!!!

  • Aimee Fournier

    I am so excited to hear she will be marketing online!  The east coasters can get our shopping in too.  Every girl needs a goddess necklace!

  • I think the using of chains, charms and stones in this mixture is a good idea. My girlfriend told me that this will be the new trend in jewelries. I will buy soon a jewelry by she’s birthday.