May 23, 2015

History Lesson: Sveda Jewelry


When next you seek an outfit topper sure to knock ‘em dead, try a necklace made of real bullets. Shown above with a one-of-a-kind brass chain hung with antique African bullets and silver charms, the Sveda Bullet Necklace is part of a new collection from designer Jacqueline Sveda that became available earlier this week at Chestnut Street boutique Dress and via its recently-launched online counterpart ShopDressOnline.

Sveda may be brand new, but the collection owes much to the past. Rubies and diamonds adorning one necklace give way to a gold pendant that ends in a 200-year-old antique ornament once part of a ceremonial Indian headdress, while another one-of-a-kind piece boasts a 1,000-year-old pendant of Roman glass. Making use of mixed metals from gold to brass and silver, Sveda keeps her work modern with chunky vintage chains, dainty charms and precious stones.

A Dress exclusive, this is the first complete collection from Sveda, who has been creating mixed metal jewelry and accessories on a commission-only basis for the last five years.

A few more pics…

Sveda Mushroom Charm Necklace


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Sveda Wing and Teardrop Necklace