• Great piece!

  • Ariel Wyatt

    This story is very sad and my heart goes out to all the families this has affected.

    JVS (Jewish Vocational Services) offers a Back to Work program for victims of just this type of thing:


    Over the past decade, many industries – particularly the garment industry – have closed their Bay Area factories and moved operations overseas. With these closings, hundreds of skilled garment workers with limited English now find themselves without jobs and without prospects. JVS developed the Back to Work program to help these mainly Chinese-born workers find new careers.Before each Back to Work Program cycle, JVS partners with local employers – securing jobs for the future students in careers such as home health care and environmental service work.  The program is then tailored to fit the students’ future careers, including industry-specific vocabulary and skills training. Each cycle includes an intensive 26-week Vocational ESL class, followed by 27 weeks of occupational skills training, 4 weeks computer and professional skills training and finally 4 weeks  of job search strategies. For more information, please email Gabriela Bernal (gbernal@jvs.org), or call 415-782-6245.

    I don’t know if this is helpful, but I thought I’d pass on the info just in case.

  • erika

    these women should be able to work for themselves. Foprget changing careers they ahve talent that they acna utilize to create their own fashion business.