May 26, 2015

SF Indie Fashion Video: Boys in Aussie Bum (and Not Much Else)

Boys in itty bitty bathing suits? That’s what strutted down the runway during the Aussie Bum segment at Charity Fashion Show last weekend. Note to self: attend more fashion events featuring Australian men’s swimwear lines.

Yes, teensy swimming togs are frightening on the vast majority of the populous (be sure to ask us some time about our accidental visit to an all-German beach in Spain – now that’s a place to spot scarring men’s bathing suits if ever there was one), but we can handle it just fine when cute boys and runways are involved.

P.S. One of the models gets a little overzealous with his end-of-runway posing somewhere around minute three. Consider it your Tuesday afternoon show-and-tell courtesy of us. With shows like Daisy of Love on television these days, it’s comparatively pretty tame. But it was pretty hilarious to see live…

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