• free jeans made to fit? who can say no to that?!

  • Melanie

    This is so awesome.  It’s so hard to find a good pair of jeans that will fit your butt and your waist, won’t be too long or too short, and that you can wear out and to work.   Enter me!

  • Oh puhleez pick me.
    I am a mostly skirt wearing lady. Butt is too big. Waist too small.
    I am desperate for a pair of jeans that fits!

  • ummmmmm…..yes please!  shall i mention my 30th birthday is couple of weeks away?  I hope that I win…..squeeeeeel.  Thanks for hosting the contest….these jeans look incredibly cute.  I heart SF Indie Fashion!

  • Yay, happy denim ending! And we all know how rare that can be.

    I live in SF and work in Oakland.  *fingers crossed*

  • I’ve been following this denim adventure since the beginning so I’m thrilled to hear it worked out well for you!  Hope I’m the lucky winner!

  • this would be fabulous to win! Hopefully I’ll get them, I would love to post the process on my blog….

  • I’m a local lady, and I’d love to try this out!

  • I’d love to win. Good luck to everyone!

  • Rachel

    heck yes!!

  • Small waist and large hips may be good for child bearing ( wouldn’t know personally but have been told)  but it is HELL on denim shopping.  I have tried everything from Levis to Citizens and always , ALWAYS end up with a  gapping waist and super tight thighs. Won’t you help a pear-shaped girl out and pick me????

  • orange

    no jeans ever fit me!  i’m dying to check these guys out to see if i can finally find a great pair…

  • i’m really glad your experience turned out positive.  i’ve had so many time-consuming and expensive experiences getting clothes custom fit, or custom tailored, that ended up in frustration.  part of the reason i don’t wear jeans is that i can very rarely find a pair in a style that i like that fit me – and i’m not big/tall/petite, so i can only imagine how it is for other people, so i bet this service will be hugely popular for those who are $able.  please enter me  –  i live near e-ville so this would be a dream! thank you!

  • erika

    Nice jeans, i want some!!

  • Jen Adrian

    I’m submitting my name for the drawing!

  • Angela

    Count me in!!
    I have the hardest time finding ones that fit perfectly.

  • OK, I would love to try some perfectly fitting jeans. Hurry, I need to win!

  • Kristen

    I could use a nice pair of jeans! I’m a hip-y lady so sometimes good pants are a hard find.

  • I can definitely see this being useful. I just stumbled across your blog by researching indi denim, and I must say I’m really impressed! I love your conversational writing style; it really holds my attention and is easy to read. I’m not sure when I’ll next be in California, but a new pair of jeans (especially custom fit) is always appreciated.  Thanks for the review!

  • glad to hear that the technique was almost entirely successful for you.  would love to try it out myself!

  • Grace

    ooo la la. I’ve heard about this technology for years and I am so happy it’s finally being utilized. I would love to try it out.

  • mai

    so great! yes, please.

  • Vince

    Wow, I just found Indi Denim today and went looking for reviews, and now here’s a chance at a free pair.  Perfect!  Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Jackie

    WOW=would be so awesome to tell everyone these jeans were made especially for my body and where they can get there own……………

  • Tracey v

    Hi, I really enjoyed this review as I’m keen to try the Indi Jeans. I’m wondering what was the result of all the measuring? Had  you made an error or not? I have a similar figure to yours and want to know what cut to order. Thanks again for the story…