SF Indie Fashion News Roundup

Gotta be uncharacteristically quick and dirty on with this roundup, ’cause Tahoe be callin’, and we’re definitely not screening our calls for that one. In other news…

– Don’t miss all the super events going down this weekend. Among them, Noise Pop ‘N Shop and the Shopping Party at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. Check the SF Indie Fashion Calendar for details.

– Want a designer shopping fix? Noe Valley’s Cary Lane is having one of its every-so-often 40 percent off sales. It’s a great way to get some sweet deals – the merch is already marked down, so another 40 percent often makes the final price crazily low. We were pretty floored at some of the offerings one time we stopped in during just such a weekend sale. Good through Sunday.

– The spring collection from Bryna Nicole has launched.

– Grab Bags are back and more mysterious than ever at HomeRoom Clothing. For $219, you get a back filled with tons of merch, valued at up to $2,000.