Hell Hath No Fury Like An Indie Fashion Blogger Scorned

Maybe it’s because we just started watching Gossip Girl last night via Netflix (yes, our must-watch-everything-from-the-beginning rule put us behind the rest of the planet on that one), but as soon as we discovered the recent drama that’s been playing out online among several prominent indie fashion bloggers, we were immediately glued, stuck and unable to look away. And now we’re compelled, like some anonymous tipster on the aforementioned show, to share the juice. Of course, we’re not anonymous. Nor are we in high school.

Before we dive in, full disclosure where full disclosure is due: we’re members of both FashionIndie.com (note the widget in the sidebar) and the Independent Fashion Bloggers network. Where each are concerned, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences.

So what’s the ruckus? Well, it all started when a New York Observer reporter got wind of FashionIndie.com founder and longtime fashion blogger Daniel Saynt’s plan to attend Christian Siriano’s show at New York Fashion Week, even though he didn’t have a ticket. The reporter then wrote this. (We think the comments section is much more interesting than the article itself.) Note the especially harsh words from this fashion blogger and the reactions from the founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers. Then Fashion Indie responded with a class action lawsuit, which you can read all about here.

There’s no telling how this will all play out, but one thing’s for sure: as a whole, fashion bloggers are gaining prominence – and people are listening to what they have to say.