May 24, 2015

Update: Know Before You Go to the Goldenbleu Sale


This image was taken during the final, tortuous moment before I was let into the Goldenbleu Going Out of Business Sale, which started last night. I arrived at 7:01 p.m. for the sale (which began at 7 p.m.), feeling a little stalkerish at arriving so early on the sale’s first night. But I was met with a line that I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by – I mean, great minds think alike, right?

I’m posting this just to give those of you who are thinking about going an update on what you’ll find. It’s definitely worth a visit for the $25 pairs of shoes and $45 boots – and there are plenty of those. If you’re a size 6.5 like I am, you might also be able to snag one of the remaining pairs of $10 sample shoes, but the supply was dwindling last night (because of bitches like me who bought them all). As for the bags (ah, the bags), they were almost completely gone by the time I left last night around 8:30 p.m., and the ones left weren’t the most coveted styles. As for the clothing, there were a few belts, coats, capelets and skirts left in extra small sizes.

Will they bring out new merch for the sale’s remaining days? From what I heard the folks staffing the event say last night, they may bring out a few new bags, but it will mostly be the same merchandise that was available last night – predominately shoes.

My recommendation: if you go, go early and get your elbows ready. You’re gonna need ‘em. If you miss it, I have a sneaking suspicion that a ton of this merch is going to find its way to eBay. There were several people (including one dude who I know had no personal business in the ladies size 6.5 area) there grabbing assinine amounts of stuff that they can’t possibly be planning to use all by themselves.