We’re With the Bandits


You may not have seen these super-snaz fabric boot bands from The 2 Bandits, but we think it’s only a matter of time until they’re spreading through Bay Area boutiques like hipsters with their buffalo plaid scarves afire.

Launched in October and originally based in New York, The 2 Bandits recently relocated to Berkeley. Last week, we got a chance to chat with Erica Chan, who creates the bands with fellow designer Tamar Wider.

Along with confiding a pervasive feeling that band-free boots “seem so naked,” Chan got us hooked on these hippie chic accessories during our conversation when she explained that they’ll stay on even through vigorous dancing at, say, an outside concert in Golden Gate Park. They’ll also add versatility to your wardrobe even if a new pair of boots is out of the question until a) you find a job, b) you find some money or c) 2010.

Through Feb. 13, the company is having its very first sale. Certain styles are 30 percent off. At the moment, they’re only available online.