May 29, 2015

SF Indie Fashion News Roundup

Gotta be uncharacteristically quick and dirty on with this roundup, ’cause Tahoe be callin’, and we’re definitely not screening our calls for that one. In other news…

- Don’t miss all the super events going down this weekend. Among them, Noise Pop ‘N Shop and the Shopping Party at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. Check the SF Indie Fashion Calendar for details.

- Want a designer shopping fix? Noe Valley’s Cary Lane is having one of its every-so-often 40 percent off sales. It’s a great way to get some sweet deals – the merch is already marked down, so another 40 percent often makes the final price crazily low. We were pretty floored at some of the offerings one time we stopped in during just such a weekend sale. Good through Sunday.

- The spring collection from Bryna Nicole has launched.

- Grab Bags are back and more mysterious than ever at HomeRoom Clothing. For $219, you get a back filled with tons of merch, valued at up to $2,000.

Serious Brass from Jewelry Designer Heart’s Desire


Go big or go home is the message behind the Filigree Fantasy II necklace from Oakland-based design duo Heart’s Desire. Speaking of desires, we’ve been craving larger-than-life accessories lately to pair with the streamlined tops and simpler classic pieces that we find ourselves attracted to this season – and this one-of-kind piece fits right in.

Created using vintage filigrees and bird charms in raw and gold-plated brass, the necklace is one in a series using designer Ann Marie Hodrick’s extensive collection of vintage brass pieces. On her blog, she likens the experience of assembling this piece to that of “putting together a monochromatic jigsaw puzzle.”

Arranging the individual components into a cohesive whole may have required some mental wrangling on Hodrick’s part, but the result is one we’d gladly don without a struggle.

Shoes and Grooves at Haight St. ShoeBiz


Our Version of Mardi Gras Beads

We may not be celebrating Mardi Gras in the Big Easy, but we’re still all about the beads today. Here are three beaded pieces we found using etsy shop local search made by Bay Area jewelry makers (of course, these aren’t the kind we’d be comfortable tossing off a balcony). Click the pics to go directly to each artist’s esty shop:




Film on Beauty: The Powder & the Glory


Here’s a way to get your beauty fix this week without feeling a tad bit guilty: delve into the history of the beauty industry at Wednesday night’s screening of The Powder & the Glory, a documentary that’s part of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival’s year-round programming series at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

The 86-minute film explores the well-known rivalry between beauty industry pioneers Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein, both of whom launched careers during the first decade of the 20th century – a time when makeup and beauty treatments were often thought to be synonymous with prostitutes and stage performers, not regular women.

As successful entrepreneurs, both women built empires, became exceedingly wealthy and, together, created an industry that now rakes in upwards of $150 billion annually. But through it all, Arden and Rubenstein remained fierce and, sometimes, even bitter competitors. Though both women lived and worked just blocks from each other for over 50 years, they refused to meet in person.

The film explores their complex relationship through rare archival footage and on-screen interviews with such icons as the late actress Kitty Carlisle Hart and model Twiggy.

After the film, the party continues over at W Hotel’s XYZ bar, where the first 50 guests will score swag bags courtesy of sponsors Bare Escentuals, TerraNova, Yes-to-Carrots, Kryolan and more.

Tickets are $8 for adults ($6 for students and seniors) and are available online or by calling 415-978-2787.