• Kristen Henry and Tom Sweeney

    We are currently developing a small clothing line and need your help with patterns and smaples.
    We tried to contact MIO and have been unsuccessful.
    We look forward to your response.  Our phone # is 925-229-1469 or 925-766-1679.
    Thank you

    • Hi – have you tried calling? 510.535.6938? That’s the main contact number for the organization…

  • marilyn pranno

    I am trying to find MIO as well and their number is disconnected an one know where they went?

    • april

      Did anyone ever find mio or someone who offers similar services in the bay area? Thanks


      • lorrainesanders

        I hear that there is a new effort to revive this organization/start a similar one in Oakland in the next few months. If you are interested in getting more info, the contact person is info@hirokokurihara.com