Holiday Indie Mart Hits Western Addition



The Indie Mart moves to the Western Addition this weekend for its end-of-year shindig. While some local events would prefer you sip a soju cocktail and demurely peruse vendor offerings, this is one indie shopping event where you can proudly guzzle beer, stumble among the tables and pepper your shopping with profanity-laced exclamations of consumer joy without feeling (or being) out of place. Plus, who doesn’t need a beer can wreath? Answer us that. We’re fans of a good party, and these folks know how to throw one.

While there, you’ll find us diving into friggin’ fab vintage-inspired finds from Still Life Clothing, crying tears of sweet retail joy over Shotwell, getting giddy over Minnie Wilde and, maybe, just maybe, making a beer can wreath circa 3 p.m.