• OdileOdette is proud to announce that Ustream will broadcast Gen Art’s “Fresh Faces in Fashion” runway show tomorrow night starting 8pm on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/odileodette-gen-art. You can view the event LIVE at 8:00pm!!!

    OdileOdette is set to participate at the 5th Annual Fresh Faces in Fashion produced by GenArt. The Fresh Faces in Fashion will be held on Thursday, October 30th at the Regency Center in San Francisco at 1300 Van Ness Street.

    OdileOdette established a midpoint of high-end luxury women’s wear that strives for sustainability in the design and production of their clothes. We are debuting the “Hollyhock” Spring 2009 Collection at Fresh Faces in Fashion.

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  • Wow, those clothes are simply stunning!

  • Wow I love these clothes! Thanks for featuring this.