Necessary Face Time

spa-radiance-oct-31.jpgWhat will you be for Halloween? While you ponder that, think about this: a costume is more than just the clothes on your back. To really do it up right, you need the hair, the makeup, the accessories. Kinda like you would with any big soiree. The difference, of course, being that on this occasion, you’re encouraged to look like a freak.

You could D.I.Y., but some things (tiger stripes? a ghoulish glow? I Dream of Jeanie eyeliner?) require more than a little practice. And sometimes, you’ve even gotta call in the pros. One local spa offering Halloween makeup services is Spa Radiance. Tell them your costume in advance, and they’ll have a toolbox of tricks up their sleeves when you arrive for your 30- or 60-minute appointment ($50-$90).

At the very least, it’ll leave you more time to count your candy.

  • I never would have thought about going to a professional to get my hair and makeup done for Halloween but now that you’ve pointed it out it absolutely makes perfect sense!

  • Thanks for the comment!

    I admit, it’s a bit indulgent when you can always D.I.Y., but then, sometimes, you really want to do it up and go all out – so I suppose, for myself, whether or not I’d fork over the cash to have someone do my makeup for me would depend on the occasion.

    But for anyone who has the means and wants to really make an impact, having a pro work her magic on your face certainly pulls everything together in a way that’s likely to be more theatrical and fanciful than most of us can do on our own.

    After all, even those of us with serious makeup skills are going to have trouble creating certain looks – simply because it’s hard to paint intricate details on oneself in a mirror….