Chick It Out


Here’s what to expect at tomorrow night’s Sassy City Chicks event (other than, uh, lots of sassy city chicks): 80 percent off designer brands, beauty treatments from Benefit Cosmetics and lots of great local names, including Ofina, Green Halo, IBISS, Jules Elin and Skunk Funk.

  • Jenny

    I went and it was a terrible event. Read all the terrible reviews on Yelp: (Jenny W. is my review)

  • Oh, interesting. Thanks for posting your comment! I didn’t make it (I think it’s hard to swing indie shopping events on Fridays, for some reason, since I’m usually more focused on maxing and relaxing at that point).

    I checked out the reviews on Yelp, and people sound really disappointed with this event – it sounds like a) it was too small a venue, b) the goodie bags were lame c) there weren’t fun extras like free drinks and d) the clothing designers were just not high quality enough…

    Every event does have its own unique personality, and it’s interesting to see how little things can add up to really affect the overall shopping experience.