Tutu You: SF Indie Fashion Friday Exclusive


We love Fridays, and we also love good deals on indie finds from local designers we love. The two just seem to go together so nicely, don’t they?

This week, our SF Indie Fashion Friday Exclusive comes from Tedda Hughes, a local designer and artist whose imagination is always on overdrive. Most of her creations are for kids, but she’s just added new tutus for adults (Burning Man peeps, this might very well be the answer to your playa fashion prayers) and we’re giving one away to an indescribably lucky SF Indie Fashion reader.

You know you want to flounce around in one of these, even if it’s just while cooking Saturday morning breakfast (mmm…bacon). No occasion necessary. But here’s what IS necessary: to win one of Tedda’s tutus, you’ve got to tell me why I should give it to you. Leave a comment or email me using the contact form with your answer. The best response (chosen by me, ’cause this ain’t a democracy) wins a tutu in the color of his or her choice.

Even if you don’t win, you can still take 20 percent off Tedda Hughes merch. Just enter the coupon code SFINDIE.

  • Why You Should Give This Delectable Tutu To Me:

    Because I am a ballerina that never was. Because I love tulle and floaty layers of whimsical fabric that bring to mind images of puffy clouds or light-as-air whipped frosting. Because in this hard cold world of fierce fashions, this skirt stands out as a shameless exercise in femininity. And I would love nothing more than to be its harbinger. Because it shouldn’t only be the tall, the thin, the starved in such gorgeous pieces. This skirt should be rocked by a curvy 4’4″ dynamo who might pair it with a kicky pair of red cowboy boots. That dynamo is me.

  • susan

    The tutu would help me bring a fluttery breath of light into the dark, still soul of the pending Minneapolis winter… when the world is frozen and that sadness edges in, the tutu will remind us to breathe in joy and find life within. Also, I could get a matching tutu for my adorable niece, and we’d be so lovely while we run in the grass and paint my dog’s toenails.

  • As San Francisco’s Fashion Concierge I am a champion of the local designer- like you SF INDIE FASHION! I would ROCK this Tutu out in San Francisco’s fog filled nights and prance on the PLAYA telling all about Tedda Hughes and her wonderful creations that bring you to a happy place where rainbows fill your heart. Pretty Please!

  • I’m actually 5’4″. OOPS!

  • alannah

    why i think i would lovee one of these!
    i wanted to go to my formal/social looking different to everybody else, i bought a dress but one of my girlfriends got a similar one, i saw a picture in a magazine of a nace baby pink tutu with a vintage lace top, and i decided i wanted to wear something like that, and i really dnt want to force my mum into making the skirt, cause she only has a week and a half!. thanks. xx love alannah