Souvenir T-Shirt Solution

sirron-norris-t-1.jpgDesperately seeking a San Francisco-inspired souvenir t-shirt worthy of your NYC crew’s first visit or your hip older bro’s annual trip?

Instead of flying super cheese with a windbreaker (like you’d even consider that, anyway, unless you were trying to be ironic) or one of those embroidered sweatshirts so often found flapping in the breeze in luggage shop entryways around Union Square, outfit your visitors (or yourself) (or both!) in local threads you can be proud of – like one of artist Sirron Norris‘s graphic tees, available on U2 Design, Fabric8 and First Step. Pictured here, the artist’s cartoon take on the curvy part of Lombard Street.

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably seen Norris’s work. The longtime local artist has done murals at Bryant and 20th Streets, Balmy Alley and Clarion Alley, as well work on local eateries like Jay’s Cheesesteaks (both locations), El Toreador in West Portal and – most recently – the new 24th Street location of Toast.