Mom’s the Word


We have a very exciting deal for SF Indie Fashion readers from local artist, designer and mom-preneur Tedda Hughes. Use the code SFINDIE to save 20 percent on her kidswear, which ranges from basics like rainbow striped baby leggings, t-shirts and hoodies to imagination-sparking pettiskirts and handmade dolls. The collection hits stores this fall, but SF Indie Fashion readers can get it on the cheap – before anyone else.

Tedda is definitely one local mom who’s down with the indie ethos (and by down, we mean all about it). When we were corresponding recently, she explained her devotion to indie kids products like this:

Indie fashion (as well as gear and toys) makes kids smarter and more physically fit. Licensed anything leads to less creative play and limited/scripted activity. Mass marketed, non-local clothing and toys lead to children being dull in every sense. Anyway, I am curing type 2 diabetes in children with my work. That may be an exaggeration, but not as much as it sounds. 

We hear you on that sentiment miss Tedda! Long live dress-up boxes, popscicle stick picture frames and the fine art of climbing trees.