Indi Denim: Part 2

indi-denim.jpg(** See Indi Denim Part 1 for the ramp up.)

Earlier in the month, I decided to embark upon an experiment and try out Emeryville-based Indi Denim and offer up my experience for anyone out there who might be thinking about placing an order. The proposition is an intriguing one: for $135, design your own custom jeans online and receive a pair unlike any other out there, fit perfectly to your measurements, within a few weeks.

After placing my order on May 30, I received an email on June 4 informing me that there had been a delay in the shipment of my order due to the “quality assurance process.” At the time, the email I received estimated the ship date for my jeans as July 11. Needless to say, I was like, man, I really have to wait six weeks for them to ship? That kind of went against my need it, want it, get it now sensibilities. But I resolved to be zen about it.

So yesterday, June 18, I was surprised to receive another email letting me know that my jeans had shipped and would arrive within 5-7 business days. That’s certainly better than July 11. But I was surprised to read this on shipping email: “Please note, indi orders ship from Mexico, and it may take a few days before your tracking number is found in the domestic UPS system.”

I’ve never seen a message like that on a shipping confirmation email. It struck me as a little strange – but not all that worrisome.

But here’s what I found to be a bit of a letdown, but I didn’t realize the jeans were being made outside the country and shipped in – and that’s less desirable to me for many reasons. I try to buy local or from independent folks as much as possible – it’s sort of a point of pride for me. So I was a little like, uh-oh, am I in sweatshop territory here? Who knows. I looked on the site again today for any information about the manufacturing process, location, worker conditions, etc. I didn’t find anything. That’s not to say that the company is doing anything untoward – they may be running the best little factory in all of Mexico for all I know. But the point is that I don’t know who made my jeans or what conditions they are working in while making them. And I think about that kind of stuff.

And here ends the update. I’ll be back with images and a final review once I receive my pair.

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