Appel & Frank Thursday Night


Now a Bay Area indie shopping classic, Appel & Frank is back again on Thursday night with the Chic Summer Soiree. This time, a portion of the proceeds will be going to the Innovative Fashion Council of San Francisco, a non-profit organization that holds networking events and opportunities for local fashion professionals and, thanks to its ongoing efforts, is leading the way towards a revived Sixth Street.

On the participating designer list, some names I’m really excited about are:

Jules Elin, whose coats I’ve admired from afar

Helena de Natalio, whose handbags have been a major temptation ever since I got to hold one in my hot little hands. Too bad it was attached to my friend’s arm. And she wasn’t about to let go.

Ann Chen, whose clothing is riddled with possibilities

Sub Urban Riot, whose clothing comes from a fun crew that’s nowhere near as blah as the ‘burbs.

  • I always go there. That s a nice evening with the girls.