Shecky’s Girls Night(s) Out


Wednesday or Thursday, take your pick, because Shecky’s Girls Night Out will be happening on both nights this week. Ladies, it would behoove you to rope a friend or two into the affair, as the best deal on tickets is the $25 for two, which includes a goodie bag.

Every independent shopping event has its own character and vibe. My impression with Shecky’s: these events tend to feature designers from father afield than just the local area in which they are thrown (so in SF, for example, you can expect to see more L.A. designers than you might at another local shopping event). Also, the free drinks and ample lounge seating make these events good not just for shopping, but also for hanging out, chatting and generally making an evening of it. If you’re just into the shopping portion or want to score free spa treatments, know that the crowds do pack in after about 6 pm, and that means longer lines and more wait time for freebie treatments and clothing try-ons. Of course, the free drinks are, of course, there to ease the pain.