A Very Chill Decade



Chillin’ has been doing its thang for a decade. Celebrate with 60 designers, 100 artists, 40 filmmakers, dreamy visuals, live screen printing and live painting on Saturday night. It’s only $7 at the door, which leaves more money in your pocket for draaanks. And, fashion, of course. But don’t the two go so nicely together? In fact, since moving to mezzanine, this remains the only indie fashion event (well, one of the very very few) that the husz will go to without hesitation (well, very little hesitation). And I quote from our conversation earlier this week, “At least I can drink and hangout there.” So resigned. But, then again, this is a man who buys two pairs of sensible black shoes per annum. And that’s a good thing. Because there’s really not enough room in our closet to accommodate his collection.