Fresh From the Style Lounge

Continuing my meditation on the weekend’s consumer success, which began at Secession on Friday night, on Saturday, I headed to the Style Lounge at the W Hotel. There were oodles of fabulous folks showing at the event, among them several folks (Eden of Twelve Designs, Amy Torello, Colleen Mauer) whose collections were on display at Secession the night before. (I wouldn’t be surprised if people were like, oh, there’s that girl again. Sigh. But what’s an indie fashion addict to do?)

*interlude* Once, I asked someone at a show if they thought there was an “indie fashion community” in San Francisco, and the response I got was, um, not really. While I agree that there are far too many indie fashion fans of all different kinds in the Bay Area to slap some “community” label on the whole, I do feel like I see familiar faces, designers and names at most local events and time and time again find out that so-in-so knows so-in-so works with so-in-so, if that makes any sense. And while I always hope the indie fashion world here and elsewhere will be permeable and fluid, so that anyone can participate and enjoy the creations coming from all the wonderful designers out there, it makes me happy to see regular faces when I go to these events and to learn about the connections among different people. I don’t know, there’s something uplifting about people getting connected, don’t you think?

But as usual, I digress. Back to the consumption. Though I don’t always shop at the events I attend (if I did, I’d be a broke mofo), I had some cash to burn on Saturday. There were several things I liked so much I wanted to eat. Like the f-ing fabulous painted toilet seats from Headless Designs. Expect to see more from artist Tuesday Cohen. I have this funny feeling that her work is going to start sprouting up everywhere.

I’ll post more about some of the cool stuff I saw at the ‘Lounge over the next week or so, but for now, I’ll just highlight what I brought home with me. I’ve been on the hunt for a simple, versatile, go-anywhere, travel-friendly dress for a few trips I’m taking this year. I found exactly what I was looking for at the Taxi CDC booth. I’d seen designer Deborah Brosenne’s eco-friendly, restructured clothing at events before, but hadn’t been on the hunt at the time for a dress. Turns out, dresses are one of the items she does best.

I bought one of her revamped ’80s tube dresses in a rich wine color that made me want to go get drunk right then and there. I also scooped up two of her leather obi belts, one black and one gray. As it turns out, they are surprisingly comfortable for leather belts. The fabric sewn to the leather is stretchy and offers lots of give when you sit down – so they’re perfect for creating a waist that won’t come back to haunt you when your tum starts to expand half way through dinner.

Here’s the dress, reclining ever so casually on my leopard chaise (yes, I have an animal print fetish). Note the rad Hillary Williams print in the background.


A close-up:


The black belt:


And a close up:


And here completeth the post.

PS. Hope yall are all getting excited about the weekend ahead. Mad indie fashion and crafty excitement abounds. Stay tuned!