Success at Secession Art & Design

Husz out of town and a recent spate of steady paychecks translate to me shopping. I had quite a few successful consumer moments over the weekend. First stop, Secession Art & Design, a sweet little gallery right in my ‘hood. I love having spots like this a stone’s throw from my building’s front door.


Lots of folks were coming in and out during the Friday night hang:


I fell in love with the shirts from Nous Savons. One is currently in the gallery’s front window. Designer Jocelyn refashions the sleeves on men’s shirts into these really cute, funky flower-like bunches and uses them as decorative details. Sadly, I could not get the shirts I ended up trying on over my chesticles. But all was not lost. Keep reading.


I’ll have to stalk Nous Savons shirts at future shows (Jocelyn is a regular at the Mission Indie Mart, too) to find one that fits, but I did not walk away from the rack empty-handed. I found this sweater and promptly decided to become its new best friend. We are very happy together.


Closer view:


The gallery also has tons of art by local folks. I was digging the girlie paintings by Ursula Xanthe Young. In general, I’m a fan of the pretty girl gone dark and vampy and tragic thing. I could see that coming out in Young’s work.


A not so good shot of the wondrous array of vintage jewelry from Eden of Twelve Designs (it’s also her gallery):


I became enamored of this vintage lapel pin. I have no idea how I’m going to wear it exactly, but it’s getting worked into the rotation for sure:


A shot of laser cut jewelry from Molly M Designs:




I’m looking forward to many more cool events at this Mission gallery. Here endeth the post.