Noise Pop & Shop

Excepting some fashion-devotees who’ve been hiding out in dressing rooms, pretty much ev’body knows the Noise Pop festival is underway this week in the City by the Bay. And while we care about indie music, we care a whole lot more about indie fashion. So it’s no surprise that we’re superbly psyched about Sunday’s Noise Pop & Shop event, which features 30+ local designers and artsy farts selling their fabulous duds, baubles and limited-edition screenprints. And for anyone who needs to soak up the previous night’s binge drinking with a carb-heavy breakfast, Batter Blaster will be on hand cooking up a free (rock on!) pancake and waffle brunch.

Here’s the kickass list of participants:

Al’s Attire
The Girl and Rhino
Beyond Wonderland
Miss Fortune Designs
Yellow Owl Workshop
Noir Jewelry Designs
Rock Candy Design
Feather Witch
My Windup Bird
Pop Junkie Design
Dandy Brand
H. Luv Fabrications
Shana Astrachan Design
Colleen Mauer Designs
Twelve Designs
Vivi Dot
Mimosa Studio
Maiden Hand
Kate Durkin
Pretty In Pie
New Leaf Clothing
Monkey Ink
Culture Consumer
Cara Lyndon Designs
Willo Toons
One Inch Round
22 Tykoon
Lucky Space Monkey
Lucy Lambtail
Siya Clothing
Field Day Wearables
Turk + Taylor
Noise Pop
Ready Made
Amnesty International
Blue Ballad Designs
Cutie Dynamite
Swan: Dive Jewelry
J McCanles
Charmed, I’m Sure
Mama Cow
The Tiniest Bird

The roster includes a really great variety of local indie peeps, if we do say so ourselves. Check-check-checkitout.