For Modern Gypsies

During my regular etsy perusals this week, I stumbled across San Francisco Bay Area designer Herban Devi, whose super comfy clothes would be oh-so-perfect compliments to my “office wardrobe” – which consists of beaters and sweats (ah the joy of being a freelancer).

My inner hippie loves the skirt-over-pants construction of the Herban Devi Sweet Tip Pants. I’m picturing me+these pants+coffee+dog+Saturday morning=certain bliss.


I was also quite enamored of the Herban Devi Peacock Wrap. If I were running for president, my platform would include much posturing about the wonders of the versatile fabric that is fleece. It’s not just for hiding out in the woods, people! It can be flattering and comfortable all at the same time when it falls into the right seamstress’s hands.

Another lovely detail of Herban Devi’s clothing? She prides herself on using recycled or eco-friendly fabrics. Hearing that a designer has reused and reappropriated materials always makes me giddy!