Love For Sale


It’s a day for love. Love someone else, love yourself, love something. I’m trying to do all three. In the something category, my love for the day is the I Heart You Necklace by Bay Area jewelry line Dreams and Jewelry. The necklace features a sterling silver disk stamped with the word of the day behind a tiny enameled heart. I love the red enamel detailing around the edges. It brings an edginess to the overall look, which is lovely and sweet, but far from gag-me saccharine.

A happy V-day to all, whether you’re pillow fighting downtown, vamping it up ’til the wee hours at some wild ass party or kicking it at home with a glass of vino and a screening of Celebrity Rehab on DVR. And if you hate Valentine’s Day and wish love would eat some spoiled sushi and have a mysterious MUNI-related accident on the way home tonight, we hear that, too. Remember, deep breath. Tomorrow is tomorrow.