Designer Resource: Seeking Designers


Seeking Designers is a cool new resource for emerging designers and the people who are trying to find ’em. One-part virtual showroom and one-part designer directory, the site counts such well-known independent labels as Geren Ford, Lynne Larson and Heidi Merrick among its curated collection of designers. Each designer has a page featuring product images and links to additional pages with product pricing information, press coverage and biographical info. Once visitors register (quick, free), they can contact designers and visit their web sites.

Not surprisingly, Seeking Designers is not free, nor is membership automatic. After being approved (having high-quality photographs and a unique product are key), designers pay $39.99/month (there’s a special discounted $19.99/monthly sign-up option available right now) for their space on the site. In exchange, they get eyeballs from lots of media peeps and fashion addicts.

I’m not a designer, so I can’t predict how well this resource will work for you, but from my perspective as a writer and content seeker, I was impressed not only with the professional quality and variety of designers who appear on the site, but also with the slick appearance and easy-to-use navigation of the site itself. I was able to quickly find designers, explore their products, learn more about them and then hit them up on their own web sites. I’ll certainly be using the site again.