Classing It Up

I’m no designer (I just admire ’em), but I do like to get crafty every oncet in a while. In that spirit, I’m taking the Restyled Tees & Sweaters Class at the Sewing Workshop later this month. My pal Elena is joining me for the two-day class. All too often, I get in the mood to take a class and end up losing steam because I don’t feel like going it alone. If you’re feeling the same way and you’re in a mood to get your recycled, rehashed fashion on, come join us as we turn some crap clothing into indie couture (or try to, at least). It’s always lovely to meet new peeps.

Oh yeah, the price is a little steep, but it’s an intensive workshop and includes instruction in serger, hemming, pattern reading and pattern copying techniques – things you might otherwise have to take several different classes to learn.