Occupied by Octopi


Way back in ’07, we spied jewelery designer Deana Fukatsu’s creations made from the tentacles and suction cups of real octopus at an indie shopping event (we think it was Chillin’) and have been enamored of them ever since. While the Mini Octopus Suction Cup Earrings picture here are unassuming and demure, other pieces featuring tentacle parts have a darker, visceral vibe that will appeal to those who appreciate a little shock factor.

When we popped into Fukatsu’s etsy shop, we were expecting to find only octopi-inspired adornments, but we discovered a wide range of designs for gals and guys. She even creates snazzy, enameled and jewel-studded doggie charms and dog bone pendants for those of us who are obsessed with our four-legged pals.

And while we are often fans of the delicate jewelry dripping in semi-precious stones that so many indie designers seem to focus on, we were happy to find in Fukatsu’s collection a series of accessories that stands out for being different (you won’t find cascading stones or layered pendants), edgy (all we have to say is tentacles!), affordable, versatile (guys and girls alike can wear many pieces) and quite chic to boot.