Eternal Spring ’08 Registration

Hey designers, Nika wrote in to tell me about a February event that’s accepting new designers and vendors right now. Eternal Spring ’08 will take place at the Somarts Gallery on Feb. 9th (weekend before Valentine’s Day – lots of folks out trolling for gifts). Get in touch with Nika if you want to register (her info is available on the Eternal Spring ’08 Myspace page and also on the Eternal Spring ’08 web site). Or you can just email her at Tangaz (at) gmail (dot) com.

Designers that have already signed on for the fashion show portion of the event include Bad Unkl Sista, Little Red Sparrow, PickyStyle, SAA-Z Design, Pandora’s Trunk, Miss Velvet Cream and Yael Designs, among others. If you want to show pieces during the performance, send Nika some images of what you’d like to present, and she’ll get in touch to chat.

As for vending space, booths are $50 for 8×8 and $65 for 10×10 before Jan 5 and $80 for 8×8 and $110 for 10×10 before Jan 19.

Also, the event is non-profit, but I’m not sure where the proceeds are going, who they’re benefiting, etc. Will mention that when I get more info.