SF Indie Fashion News Roundup

News, news, news….

– The Porcelynne Co-op is having a trunk show with guest designers Joshu + Vela and Diane Dewey on Saturday from 11 am to 9pm. Here’s what the folks at Porcelynne had to say about it:

We’ll have lots of new merchandise (including the fabulous new wool scarves from Yugula & Estrella, pinstripe wool dresses by Shveta Shourie, Christmas ornaments by Daka, and a ton of new sale merchandise from Lali and Culture Consumer)> We will also be hosting two guest designers for the day – Joshu + Vela create stunningly stylish belts, bags & other accessories for men and women, while jewelry designer Diane Dewey will be on the scene with her latest collection of shiny pretty things to give and keep.  

The Warehouse Sale touches down in San Francisco this weekend at the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium. On Saturday, you can pay $15 to attend the VIP pre-sale. The regular sale kicks of Sunday morning. Make sure to RSVP online if you plan to go, or you’ll end up paying a cover charge at the door.

-  The Future Momo blog by local designer Jessica has an interview up with Vanina of 12 Mood Studios, a local design label that I happen to be a fan of….Plus, it’s always cool to learn about the different ways crafty people make their crafty lifestyles go round and round…. Interview: 12 Mood Studios

Liberation Ink has released some cool new tees that do more than just sit there looking pretty. The have a mission. Check out the site for all the whats and whos.

– Finally, should you be finishing up your holiday shopping this weekend, keep these tips for buying winning jewelry from Claire of Little Pretty in mind when you go:

1.  We are creatures of habit ~

If she wears the same pieces every day, or for day and night, go with simpler, more classic designs. Is she more adventurous? Does she “try on” her jewelry every morning depending on her outfit? Go for something with more design and sparkle.

2. Raid that jewelry box (or your memory ) for clues ~

 * Preference for silver or gold: Many women like both, but some women have a strong preference for one. Victoria does some awesome silver pieces.

* Size:  Some women prefer bolder jewelry, and some go for petite pieces. Measuring the length of her favorite earrings will tell you her comfort range for earrings.

 * Necklace length: Some women have a preference and necklaces come in pretty standard sizes. When in doubt pick a necklace with 17-18 inch chain or an extender.

* Themes: Are there a lot of geometric pieces, beachy-themed, nature oriented?

 3. Avoid the competition ~

Does she have earrings, a necklace or a ring she wears EVERY day? If so, avoid that kind of jewelry… unless you are buying for special occasion wear.

4. Think about message ~

Jewelry can be seen as a big deal…or not.  If you want to send more of a message, go for higher-end items, evening jewelry or earring/necklace sets. If you want to be more understated, go for simple, more affordable pieces for daytime wear.

5. Finally, Stage it like a pro!

The handoff should be as special as the gift. Its not a sweater! A pretty box is a great start, but more importantly, tell her why you picked it out. Your effort and thoughtfulness are just as important as what you pick!

– Oh, and one last thing. Bear with me over the next week. Posting will be slower than usual because, duh, it’s Christmas. I might fall off the face of the earth for a few days. But then again, I might not. Such is the beauty of blogging. Skip a few days, it ain’t no thang but a chicken wang.