Maker Store’s Holiday Deals

The Maker Store from Make magazine (sibling to Craft magazine and founders of the Maker Faire) is the obvious place to buy holiday gifts for the people in your life who like to make stuff or appreciate quirky, gadget-minded stuff that other people have made. Right now the store is offering 30 percent off all of its books, which include everything from Blackberry Hacks (i.e. how to hack into a Blackberry) to Making Things Talk (i.e. how to create electronics that talk) to the Great Book of Woodburning. Use the promo code GLUE at checkout to get the discount.

Lest you think the fun stops there, behold the second seasonal offering from the folks at Make. The shop is offering a free Maker Faire Zap t-shirt with any purchase of $25 or more. To suck up on your tee, use the promo code X-Maker at checkout.