Chillin’ Revisted


On Saturday night, we headed to Chillin’ at mezzanine to check out what is undoubtedly the Bay Area’s most nightlife-oriented indie shopping event. As usual, the venue was packed with people and the drinks were flowing – so much so that the upstairs bar ran out of tonic and soda water at one point – which led to me drinking a vodka Redbull and staying up a leetle beet too late watching True Life reruns on MTV after I got home. These things happen.

Props to the participating designers and artists. Most everyone I talked to said they were having a fine ‘ole time – even as they guarded their wares against the inevitability of spilled cocktails, drunken shoppers and crowd surges.

I took a little video from the second level – it ain’t a work of art by any means, but it’ll show you the vibe.

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  • Hi! It was great seeing you at Chillin’!