Hissing About Daka’s Clutch


We are lurving (that’s a really advanced form of loving that involves eye-squinting covetousness) Red Taipan Clutch from San Francisco designer Daka Accessories. In red or black patent leather, this cheeky little stuff-stasher punches up a traditional evening bag silhouette with reptilian detailing. Check out the leather tongue at the bottom! I didn’t notice it at first (bleary computer eyes, I s’pose), but that made me like the design even more. It stops short of being too-too much. And if you can’t hang with the hisser, check out the tongue-free black version on the web site.

The bag comes with a suede lining, detachable faux-gold metal chain, magnetic closure and a soft animal print storage bag. We’re fans of this bag from strap to flap. We’re also fans of the sale price. Through Dec. 25, 2007, snag this darling for $120, down from $160.