The Sampler November 2007

Oh my! I’m too, too tardy with posting about The Sampler this month. Some out-of-town obligations and a hellacious cold kept me from sauntering over the post office on schedule. (And yes, I saunter when I go to the post office. It’s more fun that way.) But here I am. Better late than never, I s’pose.

In this month’s box of goodies, I was amped to find the Alegra Midnight Show Necklace from designer Sierra Bailey of Manic Trout:


And when I pulled out this photography by Alicia Bock, I stared at it until I realized I was totally spacing out, which was probably at least a minute. There’s just something so intriguing about the photo’s composition, don’t you think?


Another sweet finding in this month’s shipment was this exclusive print from Axelhoney. It’s part of The Sampler’s new Collaborative Print project, which features an illustration created just for The Sampler that’s hand-printed on archival-quality paper. It’s a true little work of art.


I was giddy over Compai‘s ultra-fun kit for re-fashioning scarves into shirts, pillowcases and 97 other creations. I’m a huge fan of recycled fashion and think this would be a great gift for anyone who’s into tooling around on the sewing machine trying to reinvent duds.


I also got a kick out of the goods from Funky Artsy. The decorated matchbox in my shipment is currently looking oh-so-cute accompanying a candle in my guest bathroom.


And just in time for the holidays, these awesome handmade gift tags from Got Beads: