Inside Booty Boutique


Like so many great ideas, San Francisco belt buckle company Booty Boutique was conceived with a little help from one of life’s tried-and-true motivators: vodka. Late one night, Brown and a pal knocked back a few drinks and started messing with her jewelry-making supplies and a blank belt buckle and – voila – the idea for Booty Boutique was born. But don’t get the wrong idea. This isn’t some swashbuckling, fly by the seat of your pants operation. For five years, designer Kyra Brown’s belt buckles have been peaking out from underneath shirtwaists all over the Bay Area. But since Booty Bootique creations are not yet available in any stores – just online via Brown’s web store and at indie shopping events – they’ve retained something akin to cult status. And that’s altogether fitting for Brown, an artist and musician whose rocker ethos is apparent the minute you meet her.

But don’t expect Booty Boutique’s belt buckles to remain San Francisco’s little secret for much longer. In the next few months, Brown is launching her wholesale business – a great thing for her and her growing company, but a move that will inevitably raise her prices (and nearly double them, in some cases).

So here’s your little bit of SF Indie Fashion insider news for the day: if you want a Booty Boutique belt buckle, you’d do well to buy it now while the prices are still quite low (regularly $50 and up, but check the discount page for great deals starting at $20). ‘Cause once these babies start showing up in L.A. boutiques, well, let’s just say you’re going to need a lot more booty (in the pirate sense) to adorn your deserving midriff.

Here’s Brown mugging for the cam in her SoMA studio, which you can visit by appointment:


Below, where you’ll hang out when you stop by her studio and boutique. Make an appointment, bring some friends, hang out for a bit and check out all the belts and buckles on display.


Along with her fab buckles, Brown sells hand-tooled leather belts made in Richmond:



More buckles: