Chirpin’ About My Windup Bird

my-windup-bird-flower-tee.jpgThere’s a sale on at My Windup Bird. T-shirts like the Thank You Flower, pictured here, are on sale for $25 (reg. $30). What I love most (besides the designs themselves, of course) about My Windup Bird is the story and, for lack of a better descriptive phrase, deeper meaning (subtle commentary, maybe?) behind each design. This one, for example, was inspired by the red flower image printed on many generic white plastic bags (you’ve probably seen ’em floating around the city streets from time to time). Other shirts feature curiosities like the anarchy antelope and – one of my favorites – a design of wayward shopping cards and cardboard collecting pickup trucks competing along a video game-esque track composed of telephone wires.

My Windup Bird also offers T-shirt Subscriptions, something I’ve never seen an indie fashion company do before. I like to think of it like a wine club for fashion addicts. Pay $85, and you (or whomever you order this for – it’s a great gift idea) receive a different screen-printed shirt of American Apparel origins each month. Each design is a My Windup Bird original. Subscriptions are available for men and women.