Made with Molecules Gets Our Endorphins Going


When I saw the endorphin necklace from Made with Molecules last weekend the Mafia Made show, I got a rush of polypeptide-inous proportions (technically speaking, polypeptides are small, I realize. But those suckers can pack a punch). Made by Dr. Raven Hanna, a Yale-educated scientist-turned-artist, the necklace is made of 31 separate amino acids (which are the building blocks of this polypeptide, which clearly I so already knew before reading her web site) that she designs and draws using her scientific expertise and has cast in sterling silver before she assembles them herself by hand. Each individual piece is joined to create the finished necklace, which arrives in a recycled gift box and an informational card about endorphins (so anyone who doesn’t, like, already know that Beta-endorphin enters the blood via the pituitary gland and arrives in the spinal cord and brain by way of hypothalamic neurons will be able to brush up on their human biology).

Hanna also makes pendants, molecule clothing, etched glasses and holiday cards with molecules like serotonin (happy cufflinks, anyone?), caffeine, dopamine, amino acids and ethanol (awesome on this set of Champagne flutes).