Local Artist Injured; Raising Funds


Several weeks ago, local artist Amy Woloszyn (that’s one of her paintings pictured here) sustained life-threatening injuries after being struck by a drunk driver while she was riding her bike down Capp St. She’s been struggling to recover from a fractured skull, lacerated liver and numerous cuts and bruises over her entire body – all of which have made every day activities painful. She is in a neck brace for the next two months and usually needs the help of a cane to get around.

To raise money for her medical expenses, cover mounting bills while she’s out of work and bring visibility to the issue of biker awareness, as well as the city’s need for more dedicated bike lanes and a better, more respectful relationship between bike riders and drivers in general, Woloszyn is organizing a fund-raiser at the Balazo Gallery (2183 Mission St at 18th Street), which will be held on Nov. 30th from 6pm on.

The evening will feature an art, crafts and services (like massage, etc.) auction, along with music, baked goodies and gourmet food cooked by several of Woloszyn’s chef friends. A small donation per plate will be requested during the event. Members of the Bicycle Coalition will be on hand to sign up new members and spread the word about biker awareness and safety.

She is currently accepting art, crafts and services donations to include in the auction. If you’d like to get involved, donate a piece of art or something you’ve made or want to learn more about the event in general, contact amymade (@) gmail (dot) com.