gr.dano Debuts Spring ’08 Collection


It’s no secret that we love gr.dano. And with the new gr.dano Spring 2008 collection, designers Brian Scheyer and Jill Giordano have done it again. As with the label’s previous collections, the latest offerings are infused with structural details and artistic tailoring (note the flouncy layers paired with a traditional apron-shaped overlay in the Didi skirt above), yet remain completely wearable. And the muted gray, black and white hues lend the pieces a season-defying quality that’s ideal for Bay Area customers. Like the Madrid jacket, pictured above. Sure, you can wear it all spring, but what about pairing this with a little black dress for a holiday party? Divine.

Below, the Lissa top (available in several other colors) and the Zissou Skirt are characteristic of gr.dano’s ability to take the basic white blouse and a basic black skirt and turn them into conversation pieces:


Here’s another take on the Lissa top (just to show you how different it looks in another color):


And lastly, the effortlessly lovely Cassini dress, which is my personal pick from the new collection. I say personal in that this is the item from the collection that jives the most with my style, body shape, etc. You know how Tim Gunn is always telling women on Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style that (and I am paraphrasing) it’s not about what looks good, but what looks good on you in particular that’s the key to great style? Well, I can admire all of the pieces in the collection (and I do), but this is the one that would have me knockin’ ’em dead.