The Sampler October 2007

The Sampler this month was bigger and better than ever. So many goodies from great indie artists, crafters and designers around the country. I simply cannot wait to see the city-specific editions of The Sampler that I’m hearing all these rumors about. Can’t wait, I tell you! ‘Cause you know the SF version is going to kick some serious indie arse.

The group shot:


A fun necklace from


These photography notecards from Chicaloo Photography came with envelopes, but they could just as easily be framed and hung up on a wall. Like my wall. Which is where they are probably gonna be very soon:


Robots! Everyone loves robots, especially when they’re pink. Okay, maybe not everyone. But I do. You can check out more rad designs from Hearts and Laser Beams:


A precious wall decal from Utah-based company Vinyl Wall Art. You peel and stick. Presto decor. What a hoot.


An autographed CD from musician Frances Mai-Ling, who bills herself as an alternative classical pianist:


Delicious smelling, all-natural chocolate orange truffle lip butter, Moroccan Harem antioxidant lotion mister and lemon tamarind microdermabrasion facial polish from Ablutions:


A super cute set of flower print magnets stored in a hip, reusable tin from Miss Chief Shop:


A beaded necklace from Thea’s Sparkle Plenty shop:


Rats! How gnaw-ty. These note cards by Christine Brandt and Flora and Fauna Press are nothing if not unique. I am contemplating whether people will take it the wrong way if I use these for several thank you notes I have to write. But then again, all my relatives already think I’m nutty for living in San Francisco. Not that these cards are nutty. That’s not what I mean. But sending a thank you card with rats on it might be a little nutty. Will have to ponder that one:


Bad picture, cool candle necklace made from recycled paper decoupaged with resin onto a coin. Click through to Wabisabi Brooklyn for better images and more about designers MaryAnne LoVerme and Naomi Strom!


And now we’re off to make lasagna.