Check SF Indie Fashion’s new look!

Behold, the new and much-improved SF Indie Fashion web site is up and running as of today. Many thanks to Beau and Ray, who really wowed me with their awesome ideas and workhorse attention to my little news site.

Consider it SF Indie Fashion 2.0. We’ve added some new features to make your browsing experience better. For example, you can now share anything you read on the site with the click of a button. Also, our new RSS feeds can help you stay on top of San Francisco’s indie fashion news, while our new and improved calendar page is the place to go for upcoming San Francisco fashion events, trunk shows, sales and more.

Lastly, we’re rolling out advertising spots here for the first time. We are committed to promoting indie businesses, events and local designers. If you’d like to advertise on SF Indie Fashion, just click one of our ad spaces to find out how to get your message out to this very targeted audience of readers.

We hope you like the new site!

  • Brian Grabowski

    Looks Great!

  • Congrats Lorraine – it’s been a pleasure working with you to get upgraded to the point it’s at now. I look forward to ironing out any kinks that remain, but hopefully the new site is more in line with the aims of sfindiefashion and will help you get the news out!