Honey Ryder’s Fall Sale Event

Samantha Treacy.JPG

That fab Hayes Valley boutique Honey Ryder is in the midst of a fall sale to celebrate the shop’s 1st birthday. Stop by through Oct. 14, mention the birthday celebration and owners Annie and Lorrie will give you 20 percent off on all the great new fall merchandise from a boatload of sweet labels:

Alice McCall
Black Halo
Christopher Deane
Dirty Librarian Chains
Foley & Corinna
Geren Ford
Ingwa Melero
Jib & Genoa
Kim White
Kimberly Faith
Kudra Studios
Lisa Levine
Lynne Larson
Maren & Ruby
Melissa Joy Manning
Michelle Jonas
Pade Vavra
Peachy B
Samantha Treacy
Sarah Luna
Three Dots
Ulla Johnson
What Comes Around Goes Around
Yumi Kim

One of my favorite items that the boutique is carrying this season is Samantha Treacy’s lovely little black cocktail dress, pictured above. It’s slightly avant guard, yet chic and simple all at the same time.

  • i LURV honey ryder with all my might! i also love sfindiefashion.com!!!!

  • Just found your site and am poring over it with a slavish devotion that will undoubtedly mean my bank account takes a severe hit. (Someone hide my credit cards. Please.)

    I do have a quick question, if you happen to have time to shoot me a quick email. I just checked your calendar and it had the Honey Ryder sale through October 20 – and this post says it’s until the 14th. In other words, is it still going on? Thanks!

  • Ah, yes. My mistake! The sale did end the 14th.