Shrinky Dink Wine Charms

While I’m not a pro crafter or a serious D.I.Y. maven, I do like to get down with a crafty project every now and again. This weekend, some of my girls and I are going to Frankee Uno’s Hairstyling 101 class, and I wanted to give everyone a little something to identify their wine glasses. I also didn’t want any of my borderline alcoholic friends (you know who you are) to steal my glass, which has been known to happen (ahem, Jamie, that would be you). I had several sheets of Shrinky Dink paper from a supply foraging mission a while back at S.C.R.A.P. (one of my favorite places in the city), so I put them to use. These are simple, easy to make and they look cute dangling from a glass.

wine charm 1.jpg

All you do is write the name in magic marker, punch a hole in the film and bake them for a few minutes at 350 degrees.

Wine Charm 2.jpg

If you wanted to get really classy, Modern Twist’s Vinotagz are far superior to my quickie versions. And they make a perfect gift when delivered alongside a bottle of wine.